Team Coaching

The majority of business coaching and executive coaching work is conducted on a one-to-one basis between the coach and an individual. This is because business coaching sessions typically involve discussions and action plans which are geared specifically to the individual circumstances of the person who is receiving the coaching. Trying to coach a group of employees at the same time is often undesirable as it takes away a significant beneficial feature of business coaching - namely this individual, tailored programme which is a contrast to a one-size-fits-all-employees training course or seminar.

That being said, whilst business coaching may be more concentrated on an individual basis, there are still plenty of instances of successful team coaching taking place, and are often linked with team building and team development programmes.

Increasing the motivation, skillset and overall effectiveness of individuals can make the overall team more productive, but it may also need a few sessions of team building or group coaching to truly galvanise the team and produce a more coherent and capable unit. At the conclusion, this proficient team unit will collectively be extremely powerful in the task of achieving the company's goals and objectives.

A lot of team building programmes will be little more than a fun activity such as go-karting which is intended to break down barriers, help people get to know each other a bit better and hopefully communicate more when back in the workplace. Whilst this may provide a little benefit, an organisation will be much better served by a team which communicates more in an effective way. Breaking down barriers so that employees chat more with each other during the working day is unlikely to provide much of a benefit, and in many cases be detrimental if time is wasted, but having them communicate in an effective manner which leads to greater productivity, fewer mistakes and an improvement in efficiency can be a tremendous boon to a company. Therefore a team coaching or team development programme needs to focus on specific commercial themes with clear objectives, rather than a generic fun day out away from the workplace.