Coaching and Training Courses

For many managers, the choice between training courses and business coaching is mutually exclusive, with the provision of one negating the requirement to engage in the other one. Staff development budgets are also often limited, which further exacerbates the necessity for having to choose between one or the other.

In actual fact, whilst both coaching and training are concerned with the development and improvement of employees with regards to their contribution and effectiveness towards the objectives of the organisation, the two go about this task in very different ways.

Training Courses

Training for employees such as health and safety courses

Training courses are normally intended for groups of people, either all from the same company or people from different companies and industries who book onto the course. These sessions are run by a tutor who, with the assistance of slideshows and textbooks, aims to impart knowledge and the wisdom of his/her experience to the group. The intention is that they can then use this knowledge when back in the workplace. How they do this will depend upon the type and topic of the training involved, for example health and safety training will intend to reduce the likelihood of them causing or suffering an accident at work, whereas sales training will hopefully make them more effective at selling, negotiating and closing deals.


Coaching on the other hand does not necessarily seek to teach any new information, although an experienced business coach will provide the benefit of their knowledge to the less experienced individual who is in need of the coaching sessions. Rather, the intention is to determine what issues are currently preventing that person from being the best they can be in terms of their contribution towards the objectives of the company. Instead of providing a one-size-fits-all training course where everybody in attendance hears the same thing and some parts may not be relevant, an individual coaching session will focus on the specific issues which are exclusive to that single person. This individualised approach can achieve an enormous amount of success and improvement within a very short space of time.

The Benefits of Coaching and Training

So whilst they are similar in some ways and are often seen as mutually exclusive, coaching and training actually fit together well through approaching the issue of employee development in different approaches. Whilst training aims to provide additional or refresh existing knowledge, coaching sessions seek to determine the issues which need to be addressed and resolved for the person to implement their newly-acquired knowledge. Having one or the other will provide some benefit, but a combination of both will nearly always significantly improve the contribution made by the employee to the success of the organisation.