Business Coaching for Individuals

Business coaching sessions are typically provided on a one-to-one basis. This is because what is discussed in the meeting and the action plans which are decided upon are highly personalised to the individual, and as such what is discussed should be private. There is even some argument that external business coaches are more suitable for providing coaching as they can deal with those issues a worker has which involve the manager themselves. This is often a significant reason for many employees not working to their full potential, as the working relationship with their line manager or supervisor is not as strong as it could be, or has even broken down to some extent, and so action needs to be taken in order to get it back to a level necessary for success. The individual may be too fearful or reluctant to bring this up in a one-to-one meeting with the manager, either because they do not want to admit or say what they think of the manager, or because there has been a breakdown in communication. In such instances, an external business coach can provide impartial advice and assistance to help remedy the current state of affairs.

That being said, external business coaches are by no means always required, with many managers providing business coaching and mentoring sessions to their employees and team members. A lot of companies will have their managers providing coaching to staff on a regular basis, and every so often calling in the expertise of an external business coach to provide additional coaching. The same is true of businesses providing training sessions for employees. Even if they have their own internal training team, it is still highly beneficial to bring in an external training provider every so often as they can bring new ideas, information and concepts which the internal trainers may not if they teach the same thing over and over to different groups.

Individuals can benefit tremendously from business coaching for improving their performance in the workplace, particularly when it is combined with training courses to increase their level of knowledge about a particular subject. The opportunity to discuss the issues which are holding them back, in a dedicated forum with a person who understands the problems and has experience of them either personally or through coaching sessions with other clients, can significantly improve the person's effectiveness at work once those issues have been identified, appropriate action plans created and those plans put into effect to address those problems.

Senior Managers, Directors and Executives

Coaching and mentoring is not just for individual workers. A lot of coaching is provided for those at the top of the organisational hierarchy such as senior managers, directors and chief executives who will often not have anyone above them such as a line manager with whom they can speak with to discuss their issues and problems. An experienced business coach can provide this executive coaching in sessions which fit in around the executive's busy work diary, which negates the need for them to try and somehow clear their diary enough to attend a course or seminar at a particular time and place somewhere. This flexibility, in addition to its renowned success in helping countless senior managers and directors across the globe to overcome challenges and improve their contribution to the organisation, has meant business coaching and executive coaching in particular have been increasingly sought after by managers of all levels.