Improve Performance

Providing business coaching to employees can significantly improve their performance.

Improve Efficiency

Coaching employees can make them work more efficiently both on their own and as part of a team.

Achieve Objectives

Coached employees have more chance of assisting the company achieve its goals and objectives.

Be a Business Coach

The development of employees through training courses has long been recognised by managers as a crucial component of creating and maintaining an effective company which fulfils its objectives. These goals will vary depending upon the type of organisation, for example those of a charity will differ from an entirely commercial business, but in every case the competency and ability of the employees will have an extremely significant affect upon the success or failure of achieving those objectives. As a result, an investment in training has been a must for companies big and small who strive for success.

Good training courses provide a wealth of information on a particular subject, and can teach attendees a valuable amount of useful knowledge which they can then put into practice back in the workplace. This method of employee development was for many years the standard method of attempting to address shortcomings in employee ability or performance, that is, until business coaching came along.

Whilst training provides information, it does not seek to identify or remedy issues which may be affecting the employee and preventing them from working to their maximum level. A lack of previous training or experience is often not the only possible cause for an employee falling short of expectations, and a competent business coach can not only ascertain the reasons which are holding that worker back, but also develop suitable plans to try and overcome such hurdles. For more information on business coaching visit for the Business Coaching Foundation's website which explains all about business and executive coaching, as well as providing open courses on becoming a business coach with ILM qualifications. See more about becoming a business coach by reading through some of the other pages on this website.

It will often be the case that in many scenarios, training on its own will not be enough to greatly enhance the performance of a team or individual. In some cases it can have no effect, and other times it can actually have the opposite of the desired effect and cause demotivation for a person at having to frequently attend training courses which may or may not be appropriate for increasing their knowledge and abilities. They may become frustrated at a manager who keeps trying to stuff their head with more and more information without actually listening to the issues the person is having at work. As an example, it is all well and good sending the employee on course after course which teaches them about becoming a good junior manager but if their superior does not allow them any freedom to take any responsibility for anything then they will not be able to grow into the role of an effective manager.

How to be a business coach

Business coaching is a powerful tool in any manager's armoury. Certainly calling in the expertise of an external business coach will have many benefits, and there exists certain advantages which a coach who is outside of the business has over those close to it, but a manager who can provide coaching to those under their authority will often find that the overall output of their team increases greatly. Not only will more get done and with greater efficiency, but there should also be an increase in motivation and morale, and a reduction in staff turnover as employees are less inclined to leave.

Most managers will already have some of the traits necessary to be an effective business coach and mentor to their employees, but there will be much to learn in many different areas when it comes to actually providing coaching, such as the ability to be an effective listener and let the worker have most of the input into the session, which may be diametrically opposed to their "normal" mode of operation when they are used to issuing orders to everybody.

To provide these skills to become a business coach, a qualification like the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring is the choice of many managers who are aspiring coaches and want to provide coaching and mentoring sessions to their employees.